Paints for Marine Application

We are expert in the marine field and have very effective protective coating designed for ships. We use raw material like zinc etc. so that it act as cathode and further protect ship from corrosion and help in long lasting of ship structure

The paint system applied to any part of a ship will be dictated by the environment to which that part of the structure is exposed. Traditionally the painting of the external ship structure was divided into three regions.

  1. Below the water-line where the plates are continually immersed in sea water.
  2. The water-line or boot topping region where immersion is intermittent and a lot of abrasion occurs.
  3. The topsides and superstructure exposed to an atmosphere laden with salt spray, and subject to damage through cargo handling. However now that tougher paints are used for the ship’s bottom the distinction between regions need not be so well defined, one scheme covering the bottom and water-line regions.